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Our Story...

At Albany Taproom we are a group of discerning beer drinkers who are obsessed with the craft and art of the brew. We came together to create a space that combines the comfort of a classic beer house, the expertise of micro brewers, and the enthusiasm of the collector in the City of Albany.

Our mission is to create an exceptional drinking experience for the people who seek quality beers, good food, and friendly atmosphere. We strive to be a destination and a permanent feature of the city and are proud to be part of the neighborhood and the local businesses regeneration on the historic “Camino Del La Contra Costa” (San Pablo Avenue). Our staff is trained to pour the beer enthusiasts a perfect glass of beer, match food with their favorite beer and to select fantastic bottles of beer and cider for each patron.

 We are proud and excited to be the first specialty beer bar in Albany. Our bar boasts 32 draft beers and ciders, over a hundred bottles of craft brews, ciders and several wines. Our focus, however, is on small, local breweries and unique beers from around the world. Our friendly, experienced staff is ready to answer any beer related question and to curate a unique beverage experience for our customers.

Spread the word and stop by for a cold one.
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